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Aerial Photography & Filming

Aerial Photography & Filming is provided by our dedicated business ‘Sky Pictures’, who have over 30 years experience in aerial image capture.

The complete aerial filming solution covering, Residential Property Marketing, Commercial Property Marketing, Surveys, Events and Tourist Promotions.

We often use Drones for this work and allows us to operate up to 400ft and the low operating costs make this method of capture extremely appealing. Higher than this,  then we use a helicopter to provide us with a much wider dynamic and we can use bigger, higher performance cameras too. Using our high resolution cameras, we can achieve truly amazing images, razor sharp and great for large scale printing requirements.

What Are Your Needs?

Let us know your needs, we may have a stock image available or we can shoot the exact image or video you need.

Nothing Competes With Aerial Photography

Job Not Urgent? Book onto our Standbye Scheme

If your requirement is non urgent, we can offer you our Standbye Scheme, which allows you to book a slot of aerial filming time, back to back with another job we are doing in the target area. This keeps your costs down to a minimum, but it does rely upon us having work in the area you need. Its always best to discuss your requirements with us and we will then advise of the best options.

Aerial Images Really Are Special

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