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We believe in investing in young people, helping them develop their skill and creative vision…


Originally created in 2018, the South Devon TV training academy aims to provide students who are considering a career in media and who are studying media at ‘A Level’ or equivalent standard, with valuable and practical experience in a commercial environment.

Successful students learn a wide range of practical skills, both in a studio-based environment and on projects which take them into the field.

This exciting opportunity provides additional skills in the following subjects:

• The studio workflow, file management and storage.
• Photo and video editing software
• Image and video colour correction
• Video image stabilisation.
• Sound mixing
• Website creation and management.
• Landscape photography
• Product photography
• Property interior and exterior photography.
• Media preparation for client release.
• Secure file transfer methods and protocols.
• Video streaming.

Students who are interested in elevated and aerial imaging, can also work on projects within our Aerial Filming Unit – Sky Pictures.

We are grateful to our corporate sponsors who provide us with the financial support to enable these great learning opportunities for our students. It also provides our selected customers with a ‘special’ terms for any work accepted under an Academy run commercial project.


Notes for commercial clients:

If you are a business who requires any of our services, you can enquire whether the type of service you need currently qualifies for a student subsidy.

The subsidy scheme provides a grant from the central grant fund and go towards the commercial work costs which have been accepted (subject to approval in all cases), but not including VAT. The range of subsidies are currently between 20% to 65%

Successful commercial clients need to agree and comply with the criteria allowing students to work on the approved project and to permit the students to use samples of the completed work to be shown as part of their course work.

Subsidies are shown on client invoicing and form part of our standard terms and conditions of business.

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