Aerial Photography of South Devon

Summer time is coming and Aerial Photography of South Devon will we will soon begin, as we plan our annual aerial filming days. We update various locations of interest and photograph as many new ones as possible with the valuable resources we have. We invite anyone who has a need for aerial photography or video filming to get in touch. We also operate a shared resource arrangement where we can offer on certain flights a limited amount of flight time to shoot additional images upon request. This is particularly popular as it keeps the cost down compared with dedicated tasked aerial filming sorties.

We use two methods of image acquisition, the first is with Drones, limited to 400ft AGL (above ground level), they are a very cost effective alternative to using a helicopter. The second is a helicopter which is not restricted to height or range, subject to fuel of course. Using a helicopter provides the idea higher prospective and allows us to cover much greater distances at the same time we can shoot UHR Ultra High Resolution film with larger camera equipment.

To register on this scheme or find our more information about how aerial photography and  video can help your business, please call us FREE on 08000 886 500 or email us at [email protected]   

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